Titanium grade 9


Titanium Grade 9

Titanium Grade 9 is an alpha-beta alloy suited for heat treatment with relatively good mechanical strength and, most importantly – high machinability. Similarly to commercially pure (unalloyed) titanium grades, this alloy is cold-formed and weldable, yet offering twice the strength (in both, elevated and room temperatures) of Grade 2. It also fulfills the requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Corrosion immunity of Titanium Gr4 is similar to one of pure titanium, offering a full protection against brine (sea water), crevice and pitting corrosion as well as corrosion cracking. Alike unalloyed titanium grades, to increase its anti-corrosion properties, palladium is commonly added. This alloy is usually utilized in aviation industry as a building material for hydrolic piping or light honeycomb plates. Titanium Gr9 is widely used for pressure vessels and containers, yet it recently has stormed to the frontline of consumption product material (mostly used for bike frames and other sport equipment). It offers the significant structural capacity in comparison with other ASME-approved popular metals. Grade 4 is offered in most popular shapes such as billets, bars, wires or plates and sheets.