Quality policy WOLFTEN

Quality policy

Issue VI, Wrocław, May, 4th, 2020

WOLFTEN Sp. z o.o. is a privately owned company operating in the aviation sector as a distributor of non-ferrous metallurgical materials.

Achieving a major market position in a sector of distributors of metallurgical materials and products made of non-ferrous materials constitutes a long-term objective of our company, resulting in our decision to implement Quality Management System conforming to the requirements of EN 9120:2016 standard. We operate according to the Customer’s requirements and fulfilling his requirements is our highest priority and objective.

We realise our Quality Policy through:

  • Maintaining Quality Management System according to the requirements of EN 9120:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standards;
  • Continuous focus on improving customer’s satisfaction;
  • Maintaining state-of-the-art infrastructure;
  • Developing human resources on the basis of experienced personnel and constantly improving its qualifications;
  • Engaging each and every employee in quality related activities – starting up from the Board Members ending up on the simplest-tasks-performers;
  • Distributing non-ferrous metallurgical materials and products using a network of qualified suppliers, in order to constantly improve the quality of offered products
  • Continuous improvement of processes of implemented Quality Management System;
  • Systematic implementation of relevant actions in response to identified potential risks and opportunities.

The Board of WOLFTEN is aware, that the growth and continuous improvement constitutes the basis for the realisation of our strategy and they commit themselves to continuously improve Quality Management System and its processes.

The Board of WOLFTEN is aware of the results of nonconformities and they commit themselves to achieve conformity with each and every requirement applicable to the Organisation, including the requirements of applicable standards, law and customers requirements.

Maciej Konys

Chief Executive of WOLFTEN Sp. z o.o.