Quality confirmed by certificates

We have implemented a Quality Management System conforming with AS 9120B and ISO 9001:2015. These standards define procedures within the company and assure the services are provided at the highest possible level. All processes are subject to internal and external scrutiny, and are intended to adapt the expectations of our clients.

ISO 9001:2015 is an international business standard stipulating criteria for documents, implementations and quality-related norms of a specific organization. AS 9120B expands above mentioned standards with strict parameters for the aviation, space and military industries.

Implementation of the Quality Management System was a strategic decision for WOLFTEN. Our daily activities are influenced by this important aspect of our company. With these solutions in place we can constantly improve the processes, standardize the quality of our products and services and, what is very important – manage our international sales. Most importantly, we focus on customers’ needs – we continually monitor the level of satisfaction with our products and services.

We aim at constant and sustainable development, care for the natural environment. With this approach, we strive to further improve our business activities.

wolften certificate