tantalum bars


We offer bars with diameters ranging ⌀ 1.0 mm – 120 mm and length up to 3500 mm, round or rectangle, but we can supply bars in any length, diameter and profile.


Our products are certified to the applicable ASTM specification and are made in accordance with UNS R05200 – Electron beam or vacuum-arc cast tantalum standard, and UNS R05400 – Sintered tantalum standard.

Usage and applications

Bars made out of tantalum can be machined – rolled, milled or threaded. You can get any shape or form them. Due to tantalum’s high corrosion resistance, they are used as elements of valves or other elements of hydraulic systems.



products bars and rods
tantalum Ta 99.95% ⌀ 1.0-120 [mm] L max 3500 [mm] [spec. ASTM B365-98
R05200, R05400]


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