titanium grade 5

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Titanium Grade 5

Titanium Grade 5 (Ti-aAl-4V) is the most versatile and widely used titanium alloy of the alpha-plus-beta class. It shows a favorable balance of properties: high tensile strength, endurance strength and moderate brittleness. It maintains its properties in temperatures up to 350°C (660°F). It’s the microstructure of Titanium grade 5 that makes its properties and features. This alloy can be hardened as well as welded, provided that surfaces are kept clean and precautions are taken to prevent oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen contamination. As in majority of welding methods, titanium grade 5 has to be welded in vacuum or inert gas atmosphere. This alloy also offers high corrosion resistance in brine (sea water).

Alloy is offered in other variants such as ELI (Grade 23), which is highly demanded in applications where a combination of high strength and high toughness is required; similarly to 0.1Ru ELI (Grade 29), which is the top choice in situations where excellent corrosion resistance is compulsory. Some of its applications include: aircraft building material, elements of jet engines and rockets, pressure containers, clamps and fasteners, medical implants, shields for geothermal wells, car parts, sport equipment and other.

Offered in the most popular forms such a bars and rods, plates and sheets or pipes.