nickel welding materials


We supply nickel welding wire, produced according to AWS A5.14 standard and specifications for particular alloys.

Use of nickel welding materials:

  • power generation business;
  • generation of coatings and pad welding;
  • installations used in chemical and petrochemical industry;
  • industrial construction;

Nickel alloy can suffer from crystalline cracks, liquation cracks, fractures before yield point and reheat cracking. Crystalline cracks occur quite easily during welding process.

These cracks are caused by impurities, elements such as sulfur, phosphorus and low melting point crystals such as Ni-S, Ni-P condensing on the surface of the particles during crystallization process. The best solution to avoid such damages is to perform purification of the environment and refinement of the material structure.


How to avoid cracks during the heat treatment:

  • perform the procedure in vacuum or inert gas environment;
  • use the alloy types less susceptible to cracking;
  • fast heat to the temperatures above the thermal fracturing point;

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