titanium fasteners


Fasteners (or fastenings) are hardware elements which mechanically join or affix objects together with non-permanent joints. They can be divided into screws, bolts, nuts, washers or threaded rods. They are extremely important components of any device, which longevity and trouble-free operation is greatly dependent upon quality fasteners. They have to meet the highest standards, to also assure safety and comfort for device operators.

Fasteners have to show certain damage and pressure resistance properties, they must have a proper yield strength vs. tensile strength ratio and most of all – be immune to corrosion and extreme working conditions.

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Titanium fasteners are divided into:

  • bolts, which are threaded fasteners that could be categorized by length, diameter, head shape, type of shank and tip;
  • nuts – fasteners with threaded hole, used in conjunction with a mating bolt or screw. The two are kept together by the friction threads and a constant tensile strength (so called preload), so that the friction between the bolt and the nut prevents against rotation and loosening the connection;
  • washers, which act as auxiliary elements to bolted joints and serve three main purposes: they insulate the joined surfaces from bolt, prevent from working loose and distribute the load of the threaded fastener. They are a necessity in situations where the bolt head is smaller in diameter than the actual insertion hole;
  • screws are, along with the bolts, the most popular type of fasteners. They are made of threaded shank and a head, formed so that it can be turned (driven) with a tool, they may have different length, thickness, head shape and screw drive type;

 We offer a wide and thorough lineup of titanium fasteners: bolts, screws, washers, hex nuts and threaded rods.

All titanium fasteners we sell conform to the DIN standards.

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type description standard available dimensions
bolts cylindrical head bolt DIN 84, ISO 1207, PN 822215 M4-M64 L5-200[mm]
allen socket bolt DIN 912, ISO 4762, PN 82302 M4-M64 L5-200[mm]
allen socket bolt with partially unthreaded shank DIN 931, ISO 4014, PN 82101 M4-M64 L5-200[mm]
allen socket bolt with fully threaded shank DIN 933, ISO 4017, PN 82105 M4-M64 L5-200[mm]
allen socket bolt with fine adjustment thread DIN 961, ISO 86766, PN82105 M4-M64 L5-200[mm]
bolt with conical head and slot drive DIN 963, ISO 2009, PN 82207 M4-M64 L5-200[mm]
nuts hex nut DIN 934, ISO 4032, PN 82144 M4-M64
washers flat washer DIN 125, ISO 7089, PN 82006 M4-M64
two tab locking washer DIN 463, PN 82022 M4-M64
rods threaded rod DIN 975 M4-M100 L1000[mm]