titanium screws and bolts


Bolt, in its essence is an inclined plane wrapped around a central shaft, and is used as a threaded fastener for construction elements or fastening machinery elements.

Archimedes’ screw is important to be mentioned at this point, however it does not serve the fastening purpose. Although it is commonly attributed to Archimedes, this simple machine goes with the name of Egyptian screw and was used (way before Archimedes times) as a machine to transferring water from a body of water (lake or river) into irrigation ditches.

First screws were made of a wire wrapped around a metal rod and with soft metal nuts. This application, yet very simple, did not provide enough crafting precision and sufficient dimension uniformity. The first screw-cutting lathe was invented in 1770 by English instrument maker and inventor Jesse Ramdsen.

We offer a wide selection of titanium screws, titanium washers, hexagonal nuts and threaded rods. All our titanium screws and bolts conform to the DIN standards.

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Usage for titanium screws and bolts

Screws and bolts serve mainly as fasteners to mechanically join various materials together – metal, wood, plastic in any combination. Bolted fasteners are also categorized as separable connectors, which means they can be repeatedly used without damaging fastening element.

Today, the market offers diverse spectrum of screws and bolts of many applications. Screws, as fastening element, are categorized according to the shank length and diameter, shape of the head and a drive type:

  • screws and bolts with a hexagonal head are very sturdy and are popular with applications where high overloads appear frequently;
  • screws with a looped head (eye screw) are used as attachment points for wire lines across various surfaces;
  • screws with cylindrical, partially threaded shank;
  • wing screws are used for control and frequent adjustments of an object;
  • conical, flat or countersunk head screws allow the head to sink into the material, used where the screw or bolt cannot stick out of the surface;
  • screws and bolts with pan, dome, round, mushroom-shaped or oval heads;

Such diversity indicates the broad application and need for different functions of screws and bolts, but above all – the most important thing is their strength. That’s why titanium screws and bolts are so demanded across many industries.

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type description standard available dimensions
bolts cylindrical head bolt with slot drive DIN 84, ISO 1207, PN 822215 M4-M64 L5-200[mm]
allen socket bolt with cylindrical head DIN 912, ISO 4762, PN 82302 M4-M64 L5-200[mm]
allen socket bolt with partially unthreaded shank DIN 931, ISO 4014, PN 82101 M4-M64 L5-200[mm]
allen socket bolt with fully threaded shank DIN 933, ISO 4017, PN 82105 M4-M64 L5-200[mm]
allen socket bolt with fine adjustment thread DIN 961, ISO 86766, PN82105 M4-M64 L5-200[mm]
washers hex nuts DIN 934, ISO 4032, PN 82144 M4-M64
washers flat washer DIN 125, ISO 7089, PN 82006 M4-M64
two tab locking washer DIN 463, PN 82022 M4-M64
rods threaded rod DIN 975 M4-M100 L1000[mm]